Camo Grey Rim Fire Rifle Sack, shown with rifle

Camo Grey Rim Fire Rifle Sack

Texas Trapper Knife with Sheath

Texas Trapper Knife w/Sheath

Camo Grey Pistol Sack

• Proudly Made in USA
• 13.5” Long Pistol Knit Sack
• Silicone Treated to prevent rust and to wick away moisture
• Prevent Corrosion
• Environmentally Safe
• Cinch Down Cord
• Official Schaefer Logo printed on the outside


100% MONEY


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When it come to firearms, the value is in their performance. Proper performance comes from proper care. The value, protection as well as the safety in your firearms is adversely affected by the way you care for it. Schaefer gun sack technology helps assure that round after round is fired. Whether used in hunting, target shooting or other sport, or part of a collection, Schaefer Gun Sacks provide a defense like no other for your firearms when they are not in use.

Sack-Ups are Silicone treated to prevent rust and to wick moisture away from your firearm. They provide protection for your firearm in the field or in storage and prevent dings and scratches. Keeps your firearm looking as new as it did the day that you bought it. Proudly Made In USA

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