Your Hat Size and Selection

Measure the distance around your head at the position where your hat normally rests, using a soft tape measure. This is usually done above the ears and across the forehead. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEASUREMENT YOURSELF. Be seated to view yourself in a mirror while someone else measures your head. Have them pull the tape tightly around your head, then loosely, tightly and loosely again, until you can determine from the comfort of the tape how you would like your hat to fit. Your head may be between sizes. Measurement can be taken in increments of 1/16" . We will make your hat to the exact measurement.

You can check your head size by comparing your measurement to the corresponding hat size on the chart below. Again, you may be between hat sizes. We will make your hat to the exact measurement. Schaefer will gladly make minor size adjustments, but if your measurement is off more than ¼" there will be a resize charge of $50.00. Call us if you need help at 800-426-2074.

Head Size in inches Head Size in centimeters American Hat Size
19 3/8"49.2 cm6 1/8"
19 1/2"49.5 cm6 1/4"
20 1/4"51.4 cm6 3/8"
20 3/4"52.7 cm6 1/2"
21"53.3 cm6 5/8"
21 1/2"54.6 cm6 3/4"
21 5/8"54.8 cm6 7/8"
21 1/8"56.2 cm7 "
22 1/2"57.2 cm7 1/8"
23 "58.4 cm7 1/4"
23 3/8"59.3 cm7 3/8"
23 3/4"60.3 cm7 1/2"
24 1/2"62.2 cm7 5/8"
25"63.5 cm7 3/4"

What head shape are you?

Long Oval: Hats fit tighter front to back or are loose on the side.
Regular Oval: No pressure points. A perfect head shape. Extremely unusual!