Schaefer Ranchwear Pro Plan

Since 1982, Schaefer Ranchwear has been building long term relationships with several different groups, guides, individuals, events and associations providing them with premium, American Made ranchwear and outdoor clothing.

The Schaefer Pro plan allows access to Schaefer products at reduced rates for quantity purchases, in order to perform your job, promote your event or outfit your association or corporate entity.

Some examples of qualifying groups:


Cattle Breeds, Horse Breeds, Rodeo 

Dude Ranch Operations

Film/Media Industry

Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Law Enforcement

Sheriff’s Posses, Texas Rangers, Volunteer Fire & Rescue 

Professional Athletes/Musicians/Misc.

Special Events

Horse Shows, State Fairs, Stock Shows, Rodeos 

Please fill out and submit the application below to be considered eligible for the Schaefer Pro Plan. This application will be reviewed and contact will be made by one of our company representatives within 24 hours.

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